Why Nobody Travels Far In A Comfort Zone

Property investing isn’t easy. Otherwise, why isn’t your best friend, your neighbour, your mum or your dad doing it?

Stop to think for a moment. What if you become one of those who don’t do it – what then?

I thought about this when I decided to climb a mountain a couple of weeks ago.

I had never done it before. It seemed risky. I’m not normally the kind of person to take a risk on safety.

In the back of my mind I thought about storms, the fog and getting lost.

Getting too close to the edge and falling off crossed my mind.  

I decided to do it anyway. I had gotten too comfortable since I hit the age of 39.

A few years back I had no fear, yet now here I was worrying about breaking a leg, or getting crushed by if some of the climbers up ahead of me fell. Getting older does this to you.

I looked up and saw a helicopter rescuing someone from the ridge. The person had gone too far from their comfort zone and ended up frozen in terror, unable to move backwards or forwards.

Mountains can do that to people.   

Still I pressed on. Finally I could see the summit and in the distance a group of people at the top jumping up and down cheering.

Another 30 minutes I thought and I’ll be joining them.

I pushed on and got to the summit. It wasn’t easy.  Climbing a mountain is hard work.  

Eventually getting to the top I realised that more people had climbed this mountain than I thought. They came from all walks of life. They too must have got up with that same thought on their minds.

I could have got up on that same morning and took it easy or I could have made up my mind and not got involved in investing in property. 

Climbing a mountain or taking a risk on investing is the same thing. Playing it safe is what most people do when they live in fear of what might happen.  

Mountains are not safe and neither is investment. It is what you get when you reach the summit that makes it worthwhile.  

Tell me about something that you have always wanted to do…but you are frozen in fear? I have to admit, I am still terrified of snakes and I have yet to achieve my goal of putting one around my neck!

Kind regards

Loxley McKenzie
Managing Director

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