Are You One Of The 76% Of People Who Have Broken Promises This Year?

By the time I finish this blog, 76% of people who made a promise to themselves for the New Year will break it.

If you happen to be one of the 76% but you want to join the 24% of people who kept their promise to change their lives, then you will need to understand one thing. It’s all about making progress.

And progress can be made in so many ways.

You can commit to losing a few pounds. You can  organise your life better, get fit or and take care of that desk full of paperwork.

Progress doesn’t even need to be about you. You can help others make progress.

Making progress is easier than you think if you know where you want to get to.

If your goal is to make money from property you need to make progress first. Find the investment that suits you best and make your way towards it. 

One of the things I learned when I climbed a mountain was to concentrate on the steps. Don’t think about how hard it is climbing on those rocks, the achy knees, the sweat and how far away the summit is.

Focus only on taking one step at a time. Then you make progress and it doesn’t feel painful.  

By taking one step at a time you can become more powerful and wealthy than you ever imagined at the beginning.

Are you making progress with your investment goals this year?

Kind Regards

Brett Tudor
Property Expert


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