Our Best-Selling Florida Property Explained…

Ok… we all know that there is so much fun to be had by visiting the Sunshine State – Florida. With a plethora of theme parks, restaurants and world-class activities, Florida has something for even the most discerning of visitors.

So that is the holiday element out of the way… but what else does Florida have to offer? A good investment opportunity?

Well, with the average property prices in Orlando, Florida, rising from $140,000 to $260,000* in the last five years, it is easy to see why so many investors are now investing in this safe, secure and fast-growing property market.

Orlando Regional Realtor Association

It is also easy to see why we have received a record-breaking number of enquiries and reservations for our latest Florida opportunity, Retreat Orlando.

Naturally, we have received numerous questions about the opportunity and how the Leaseback Guarantee works. Within this blog, I will aim to provide you with answers to the key questions… so here goes.

Why is Retreat Orlando such a great investment opportunity?

Retreat Orlando is Central Florida’s newest vacation resort community, featuring 1-and 2-bedroom apartments designed with light and open floorplans, upgraded features and designer furnishings.

And that’s not all. You can take advantage of the two-year Leaseback Guarantee and enjoy hassle-free ownership – while earning an assured income.

  • 10 minutes from Disney World
  • Preferential access to golf course
  • Beach-style resort pool, sports courts, restaurant
  • Luxury 1- and 2-bedroom apartments

In the short term, you benefit from a guaranteed income return – and the potential of strong growth returns over the medium to long-term.

How does the Leaseback Guarantee Program work?

After your apartment is completed (estimated June 2018), you can choose to have your apartment placed in the Leaseback Guarantee Program.

You will benefit from a two-year Leaseback Guarantee and enjoy hassle-free ownership, while earning a guaranteed income:

Luxury 1-Bed Apartments = Earn a Guaranteed – $7,800 per year
Luxury 2-Bed Apartments = Earn a Guaranteed – $9,000 per year

Am I investing in a Freehold or Leasehold?

You will be investing in a Freehold apartment. Your legal ownership of the unit(s) will be registered at the US Land Registry.

Can I stay in the apartment myself?

Investors and their family/friends can stay in their apartment, dependent upon availability.

However, if the investor is taking advantage of the two-year Leaseback Guarantee and wishes to stay at their apartment, then they can buy back a week at the rate of $500/week.

After the Leaseback period has expired, no such restrictions apply.

If I took the Leaseback Guarantee and the management company struggles to rent out my apartment, what happens? How will they pay me?

The Leaseback Program guarantees the return for two years, whether or not the management company rents out the property.

This is established under contract; the obligation from the management company is not contingent on rentability.

As this is an extremely popular resort, however, there is very high rental demand in this location.

Can I get a US mortgage for these apartments?

No. The units are sold as cash purchases only.

What happens after the two-year Leaseback Guarantee period has ended?

After the Leaseback Guarantee Period has ended, you can choose to have your apartment rented out by the management company and benefit from the high demand for holiday rentals in Florida – plus hassle-free and hands-off management.

Another option is to manage the rental of your apartment yourself – and potentially make a higher return, though of course, you have to manage all rentals yourself.

Alternatively, you could choose not to rent out your apartment at all: you would just use it for the personal activities of friends and family.

We have put together a rental projection overview of the estimated returns. Please follow the link below to download details:


When can I sell the apartment?

You can sell your apartment at any time.

How do I reserve a unit?

The purchase process for a room at Retreat Orlando is simple and
straightforward. All you need to do initially is pay a reservation deposit of $1,000.

30% of the balance is payable on exchange, within 28 days of reservation.

The remaining 70% is payable on completion of the apartment, estimated to be June 2018.

How do I get further details about Retreat Orlando?

You can request the information pack by emailing: [email protected] and you will receive the following details:

  • Full Investment Pack
  • Current Availability Report
  • Payment Options
  • Reservation Documents

Be Quick! Units are reserved on a strict first-come basis

Invest at Retreat Orlando and benefit from a two-year Leaseback rental assurance alongside hassle-free management – and your FREE furniture pack.

Retreat Orlando: https://www.colordarcy.com/properties/florida/orlando/retreat-orlando/

Email: [email protected] for further details.


So, what is your prediction for property price growth in Florida over the next five years?

Leave your comments below or email: [email protected].

Wishing you a great day.