Property, Money And Miami

Miami’s property market has seen prices rise so fast, all kinds of real estate records have been broken.

The following table sourced from Zillow shows what has happened to the average value of property across the whole of Miami Dade County since January 2011.

Miami Average Property Prices

This chart also shows you the prediction for prices in 2015 when Zillow expects average house prices in Miami to reach $228,000.

This would be a $21,000 rise in the value of property in 12 months.

“Property prices have been rising for 37 consecutive months since 2011”

All this is a giant leap from where the market began to take off in 2011. Back then Miami had seen prices drop well below the levels seen 10 years ago. Since then house prices have been rising for 37 consecutive months.

There is still a lot of catching up to do just to hit the long term average. With the added benefit of strong demand for rental properties, Miami continues to provide an incredible opportunity to make money and diversify your portfolio.

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