Serious Property Investors – Save Time And Money By Investing In Istanbul Property

Istanbul ApartmentSomething is definitely wrong. Every time I pick up the phone and speak to an investor they are asking me the same thing, “Is there anywhere that is safe to put my cash?”

“There is no doubt”, I say, “2012 almost marked the end of the world for property investment as we know it.”

I myself was wondering the same thing as those investors 12 months ago. I was forced to look through the rubble of what was left to see if there were any surviving countries where I could find good opportunities for investors to profit.

It wasn’t easy.

I made several trips into Europe, the US and South America and all I could see were barren landscapes. It was oh so quiet.

Luckily I did find a few pockets of life and one of them was Istanbul in Turkey.

This was the comforting chink of light after a long dark journey I was looking for.

Here it was different.

There was no debt crisis…

Public sector debt in Turkey is only 40% of GDP compared to the 100% it had been. This is significantly lower than either Germany or France.

Inflation was under control.

The ratings agencies were actually giving the thumbs up instead of thumbs down.

The economy and GDP was growing.

And – most importantly of all for our small band of serious property investors still making money – so was the price of property. Prices grew by 12% in 2012 and even higher in some micro-markets within Istanbul.

Istanbul, the great hub of Turkey was a place where my small band of serious property investors could again feel safe and happy to carry on.

Turkey, like those small mammals who took over from the dinosaurs in the last major extinction event is only at the beginning of a long expansion phase.

It will soon become one of the giants of the world economy, if the pace of economic growth continues. It’s increasingly affluent population already have their own Vogue Magazine which gives us a clear indication of the growth of a westernised consumer culture.

They too aspire to the same high standard of housing and incomes are rising to help them achieve it.

Remember though, this is only the beginning. So if you want to join my small band of serious property investors, let us help you choose your investments wisely in this new land of opportunity.

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Kind regards

Loxley McKenzie
Managing Director