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We partner with some of the best professionals in their industries. So you can count on our all-round service package for your global property needs.

Before And Aftercare

Working With You To Create Your Winning “Property Game Plan”

Just as one person may want a BMW and another a Ferrari, we’re aware our investors all have different stories, different starting points and different goals. From the moment you connect with us, your Portfolio Manager will get to know yours.

Only then do they create a “Property Game Plan” that’s tailored to you. This will be your map to the best investments.

And don’t worry, we won’t let you get lost – even when you’ve found the right opportunity, they’ll be on hand to guide you, doing all the hard work and nitty gritty stuff, so you don’t have to.

So what’s your story? We’re all ears…

Property Management

You Don’t Have To Be Einstein To Work This One Out

Take Joe Bloggs – your average property investor. He prefers the hands-on approach: fixing boilers, changing light bulbs, repainting walls and refitting carpets. He thinks he’s saving money, but all his time’s taken up managing his portfolio. In fact, he barely gets a good night’s sleep.

We know you’re not Joe Bloggs.

You’re a smart investor, not an average one. You know you don’t have to be a genius to work out that having your property managed on your behalf makes for a better investment. After all, property’s your route to the finer things in life, not one of hard graft.

That’s where we can help you, with a wide portfolio of fully managed properties that put cash in your pocket. Quite simply, it’s the smarter choice, relativity speaking.

E = mc2 (or put another way: Ease = Managed by Colordarcy)

Viewing Trip

When Photos And Videos Are Not Enough

In today’s busy world, most of our investors are happy to secure their chosen investment properties by telephone or email.

But if you’d prefer to see the country or development first, well…book those plane tickets and pack your bag.

We look forward to meeting you and giving you an up-close look at your potential investment.

See it for yourself


Tax Is Not A Four-Letter Word

Taxes often get bad press, but sticking your head in the sand could leave you paying a lot more than you should.

So maybe it’s time we showed taxes some love. After all, when spent correctly, they give us better schools, nicely paved roads to drive our cars on, and a free bus pass when we’re older.

Our experienced tax team will work with you to make sure you don’t pay a penny more than you have to. They’ll help you structure your investments efficiently to safeguard your wealth, and will set everything out in a simple way – so you’re clear on every last detail.

Show taxes some love (but not too much)

Currency Exchange

Why Spend Your Money On Money?

The constant ups and downs of international currency values can have a huge impact on the amount you finally pay for your property.

At Colordarcy, we’ve partnered with foreign exchange specialists, Moneycorp, so you can send your money to where you need it – at a great rate, for a low fee and with all the help you want. It’s as simple as that.


“Moneycorp was far better than using a bank, absolutely hassle free. I was very happy with the process of the deal and all the staff were friendly and had efficient customer service throughout. All I can say is that I was very pleased.”

The Kents
Invested in USA and Portugal

Play fluctuating exchange rates to your advantage

Financing your property

Funding Options To Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re starting or expanding your property portfolio, getting the right mortgage can make a huge difference to your returns.

Our financial brokers (yep…they even wear pinstripe suits) will help you choose the right option. With their in-depth knowledge of global mortgage markets and an access–all areas approach, they work hard to find you the best rates.

Get the funding you need – and start investing


You Can Rest Easy When You Have The Right Cover

We’re sure you would agree – living an easy life is much better than a complicated one.

With the right insurance policies in place, you can chill out knowing your property is covered. And not be up all night worrying about burst pipes or unexpected damage.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with specialist insurance brokers, who will make it simple to find insurance that’s tailored to your needs.

Keep everything “safe as houses”


Delivering Speedier Returns For Large Scale Investors

You’re a large-scale investment fund manager or multi-billion dollar corporation looking to invest.

We’re a multi-disciplinary team that knows the global property market, from macro- to micro-economic positions. If you’re looking for help with your project development, research or marketing, Colordarcy Consultancy can create more profitable distribution channels and network solutions.

Access the global market

Service Package

Get all the advice and assistance you need to complete your investment, in one place. We’ll do everything but pick out the curtains for you.

Then again, if you ask nicely – we might just do that too!