Looking For High Yields? Then Student Property Is The Way To Go…

Looking For High Yields? Then Student Property Is The Way To Go...Student Properties provides property investors with an assured high yields of over 8% per year, plus hands-off management.

For many investors, a (perceived) problem arises when choosing buy-to-let properties: how do I ensure that I have a good supply of prospective tenants.

Many managed properties, even in good locations, are potentially beset with the same problem they feel.

However, there is one sector of the market where there is virtually a guaranteed source of new tenants each year – the university town student accommodation property.

Students today have a much clearer vision of how and where they are prepared to live – and a very large number are prepared to live in a degree of comfort unimaginable even a decade ago: bright spacious rooms, with en-suite facilities, up-to-the-minute cooking appliances, wifi, communal “chill-out” areas and even, in many cases, concierges, gyms and roof gardens on site.

If you can couple this with a fully managed wraparound – so you have no worries about repairs, routine maintenance, vetting or references – then you have a winning combination.

In many cases, a form of public/private partnership exists, whereby commercial developers work hand-in-hand with universities to offer this sort of accommodation exclusively to their students.

According to the Times (August 16, 2018) there were around 420,000 first-year students this year – so there are plenty of customers out there looking for accommodation!

Colordarcy has long recognised this exciting development in the housing sector, and has been sourcing partners providing this sort of living accommodation in a select number of towns and cities across the UK.

We have access to properties in Liverpool, Birkenhead, Plymouth and Bristol – all areas where there has been fantastic growth in demand for student accommodation.

Most of these allow you to purchase one suite in a new-build purpose-designed student block; they offer various assured returns to the hands-off investor.

Year after year there will be new tranches of students coming on stream, and demand for these properties (by students, for one- or two-year stays, or investors, for long-term growth) is extremely high.

Most of these properties come with buy-back assurances, so investors can plan for an exit route, in some cases, as little as five years.

Very roughly you can expect to recover your initial investment over a ten-year period – and of course, you still have a valuable commodity, your circa £90,000 property, that you can sell when you wish.

Today’s interest from savings is extremely poor – and in most cases not keeping up with inflation.

To get anything almost meaningful, you need to tie your capital up for five or seven years – so why not invest in property, where all the worry is taken from you, and where you receive regular income and a valuable asset at the end of your investment term.

Everyone – investor and property – is different. Give us call, and talk through your requirements: short or long-term growth; need for regular returns; location; the level of investment you would consider.  We’ll give you our very best – and completely personalised – advice.

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