• If publicity and positivity could get mortgages and buy property, Brazilian real estate agents would all be rich. Right now, the Brazilian economy seems to have the world at its feet; everything points to strong growth over the short, mid and even over the long term, with oil pouring into the economy for at least…

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  • Brazil’s property market is set to become one of the hottest markets in 2010. The country is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Foreign Direct Investment has increased and with Brazil set to host the 2014 football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, we will see improvements in infrastructure and huge growth

  • Brazil plans to cut the TJLP long term interest rate to 6% from 6.25% at its meeting on June 30, according to Finance Minister Guido Mantega. The move is set to be ratified by the National Monetary Council, or CMN, and is intended to stimulate investment among Brazilian companies. The council reviews the TJLP every three months.

  • Winners at the recent G20 Summit in London include Brazil, a newcomer on the world financial scene and one with plenty to say. Brazil’s President, Lula da Silva, is a strong advocate of emerging countries having more influence on the international arena and his country’s injection of funds into the IMF gives Brazil considerably more weight.