Tenanted Apartments in Florida are Powerful Too

Yesterday I covered how fast tenanted apartments in Atlanta are selling at the moment and almost immediately after posting I felt a pang of guilt for not giving Florida at least a mention in the post.

Sure I could have simply edited the post with a little addition, but when I thought about how many wonderful tenanted apartment deals we currently have in Florida, and how they dominate the top sellers list, it felt more appropriate to give Florida its own post as well.

We currently have 10 tenanted Florida apartment deals on our website, 6 of them are already sold out, and of the four that aren’t 3 have won our hot sellers award at least once. It is little wonder.

I will give details of our hottest deal, but first I should explain why tenanted apartment deals in the US are currently going down such a storm.

For a start US property is currently one of the biggest sellers in the world of overseas property, because of the numbers of distressed, repossessed and/or massively discounted property on offer. When you buy a property for a discounted price it increases the rental yield and gives you instant equity, or in this case a great chance of making a great profit when things recover.

That is indirectly why tenanted deals are so popular, but not the main reason. The main reason tenanted apartments are so popular is because they are a very secure, very low risk investment with measurable returns. They have always been popular with cautious investors, but before now the often low returns meant they lost out to other investment models. Now the massive reduction in US property prices has increased the yields on offer, making them a powerful investment package indeed.

Now… our hottest seller right now is Mosaic at Millennia, and little wonder. We always hear in property location, location, location and that is why this is such a hot property. The fully equipped resort development with pool, is just a few minutes’ walk from Orlando’s prestigious Mall of Millennia – the high end, luxury shopping mall, surrounded by restaurants, off-site shops, luxury car dealerships and office buildings. It is the most prestigious shopping venue in Central Florida.

1 bedroom apartments are available at the $150,000 discounted price of just £41,000, with tenants in place yielding 7.44% net. The apartments come with full rental management ensuring that even if the tenants move out, new ones will be found quickly.

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