Tenanted Atlanta Apartment Investment: it Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

It is estimated that apartment investments will continue to increase in the upcoming year as the job growth is anticipated to rise steadily. According to reports from realtors 4,900 apartment complexes have been completed this year alone, causing a positive turn on the multifamily market throughout Atlanta. This is good news if you are looking for a tenanted investment deal to give your investment portfolio a generous boost.

As more and more jobs become available, the need for apartment complexes is growing. Also, because of the low property prices in the housing market, it is an opportune time to purchase already rented out apartment buildings to capitalize on the significant rental yields which investors can determine ahead of time because the apartments are already full of paying tenants.

Real Estate researchers state that the investment market is doing well and gaining momentum. Tenant occupancy has seen a 2.5 increase, setting the percentage at 89.5 percent for the third quarter, with anticipation of even more increases in the near future.

The average rent in 2010 per month is $832, which is up 0.8 percent for the year. This is expected to rise approximately 1.8 percent in the coming year, making the projected average monthly rent $847.

It’s no surprise that the increase in the multifamily sector is due to the 21,700 job gain in Atlanta. Researchers state that the downtown area as well as the metro rails, have fuelled a 4 percent occupancy gain in the three central submarkets,”including Buckhead, Midtown, and Central I-75.