The Only Way Is Natal Property For Brazil Cash Flow Heaven

brazil property natalI had a dream last night. I dreamt that I had found a city where property prices were incredibly undervalued, people were queuing up to rent and I could lie back in my hammock overlooking the ocean and relax while the profit from my yields rolled in faster than the waves.

Some dreams you just don’t want to wake up from, but as I sat there looking out of the window at the rain soaked streets of London I realised that this wasn’t a dream, it is reality for those who invest in Natal property.

Properties near beach resorts in Natal are attracting rental yields of around 10% a year making it one of the best cash flow property destinations in the world for foreign investors.


Natal is blessed with fantastic beaches, a hot sunny climate and vast sand dunes that make it a playground for dune-buggy riding tourists, sun worshippers and property investors alike.

The air in Natal is also the purest in the world, according to a study carried out by NASA and crime rates are low in comparison to most Brazilian cities.

The city gets 300 days of sun per year and an average year-round temperature of 28 degrees celsius, which makes it a major attraction with tourists and those who arrive to live here and enjoy the excellent quality of life.

This means that there are two types of demand fuelling the Natal property market, overseas investors looking for the perfect holiday home and the local population who aspire to live in a city offering them an excellent quality of life.

Those lucky enough to live and work in the city are the fourth-highest-paid among Brazil’s north eastern cities and rank fifth in Brazil in terms of buying power, which underpins much of the recent growth in property prices and rents.

So as I stretch out and peer out of the window to the streets below, I can at least take comfort in the fact that there is a property paradise and someone isn’t going to pinch me and tell me it was all a dream.


Where in the world is your dream property market? Please leave your comments below.


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Loxley McKenzie
Managing Director