The Silent Killer

Is Keeping All Your Money In The Bank A Safe Option?

When I worked as a financial consultant. I was amazed that so many of my prospective clients viewed keeping large amounts of cash in a bank deposit account a safe option.

I used to hear the following statement around 10 times per day; “I want to keep it in the bank where it is safe.” As you know prices of everyday goods and services are always going up; my dry cleaning bill is now 10% higher than last year; I followed the Meerkats and went to to get a car insurance quote and this was 12% higher than last year and SKY TV did not even bother to tell me that they increased my subscription price by a full 11.25%!

Now I do keep a little savings in the bank for a rainy day, and I would recommend that everyone adopt a similar strategy. However, the majority of my capital is wisely invested in property and this strategy has paid me back and continues to pay me back handsomely.

You see the problem with keeping all your capital in the bank is what I call ‘The Silent Killer’ – i.e. INFLATION. In a nutshell, if your savings are only paying you 3% and prices for your everyday goods and services are increasing on average 10%, then your savings in the bank has effectively lost 7% of its purchasing power, in real terms your money has lost 7% of its value.

Now Here Is Where It Gets Really Scary

If the same scenario continues for 10 years, your savings in the bank will effectively lose 70% of its value. I have seen this scary situation 100’s of times.

Mr John Smith is 50 years old and puts all of his £100k into the so called safe place – a bank deposit account paying 3%. He plans to retire 10 years later when he turns 60. Yep, time flies – he is now 60 years old and realises he will have to delay retirement for a few more years because ‘The Silent Killer’ has struck and his £100k which 10 years ago would allow him to have a nice lifestyle, has now lost 70% its purchasing power, effectively it may look like a £100k, but in reality and comparing it to today, John Smith only has £30k to spend.

So, How Do We Destroy The Silent Killer?

To put it simply, you need to look for investments that can outpace inflation or at the very least keep pace with it.

Naturally, I have a bias to property investment. It has made me financially free – so I hope you can understand my rationale. There are other vehicles that can do as well, like growing a business or investing in well chosen stocks and shares, but property for me is the easiest of them all to achieve great wealth and financial freedom.

Property also attacks the ‘The Silent Killer’ from two angles.

As you know, property has two channels for making you money. We have the short term channel and the long term channel. To keep a property for the long term, you need the short term to perform, so you need positive cash flow income or as we like to say at Colordarcy, you should be looking to invest in “property that pays for itself.”

The long term channel is your capital growth and what I call the ‘BIG BONUS’. On average property values double every 7-8 years.

How Can John Smith Make Money, Instead Of Lose Money?

Now let us imagine that John Smith had used £75k of the £100k he placed in the bank to invest in two Atlanta tenanted apartments, which are paying a guaranteed 13% Net Yield.

Over the period of 10 years, John Smith would have earned £97,500 income after running costs, such as community fees, council tax, management, etc.

As you know property prices on average doubles every 7-8 years, so in this scenario, when John decides to sell his two Atlanta tenanted properties on his 60th birthday, he would be selling at £150,000, so John Smith has just made an extra £75,000.

So in 10 years, combining potential income and growth return, John Smith’s £75,000 investment has given him a gross return of: £172,500. Now if we add in his original £75,000 investment, John would have a grand total of: £247,000.

Let us contrast this with earning 3% on £100k over 10 years. Ok, let us be fair, let me say that he chose a really good bank and he received 5% per annum in interest instead of the miserly 3% that we get today.

In this example – where I will use straight line interest instead of having it compounded, John Smith £100,000 would have earned him a miserly £50,000. So at the age of 60, John Smith walks away with £150,000 and I dread to think how much damage ‘The Silent Killer’ has done to the real value of this capital.

The Big Question?

Are you going to stand back and let ‘The Silent Killer’ eat away at your hard earned capital? Or – are you going to grab your opportunities to stay ahead of inflation?

According to the ancient Greeks, Kairos was the god of the “fleeting moment,” “a favourable opportunity opposing the fate of man.” Such a moment must be grasped (by the tuft of the hair on the personified forehead of the fleeting opportunity); otherwise the moment is gone and cannot be re-captured (personified by the back of the head being bald).

You Too Can Take Advantage Of Atlanta Tenanted Opportunities

I had the privilege of viewing our Super Bargain Atlanta Tenanted Opportunities last month, and to put it simply, the pictures that we have do not do it justice – all I could say when I entered the properties was – Wow!

I knew we had some great tenanted opportunities in Atlanta, but to have them fully refurbished to such high standard to include granite work tops in some units is just incredible.

As you know, I would not leave Atlanta without bringing back a Special Present for our loyal VIP Members.

I have managed to negotiate a $10,000 Discount for Atlanta Tenanted Apartments for Colordarcy VIP Members who are in a position to reserve their unit by Friday, 25th February 2011.

If you prefer to invest in an Atlanta Tenanted Townhouse or Villa, I have negotiated a $5,000 Discount for Colordarcy VIP Members who are in a position to reserve their unit by Friday, 25th February 2011.

What Makes Atlanta Tenanted Opportunities So Special:

  • Previous Selling Price $59,000 / £38,000. Colordarcy Special Discount: $49,900 / £31,000
  • Cash in your pocket per month after all costs are paid – from: $552
  • Net Yield of 13%
  • 12 Months Rental Guarantee
  • Comes with tenants in place
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment, Townhouses and Villas
  • Property managed on your behalf
  • FREE 1-Year Home Warranty
  • Top Location
  • All Properties Fully Refurbished

Don’t Just Take My Word For It – Look At The Actual Examples Below:

Atlanta Tenanted Apartments – Paying a GUARANTEED 13% NET Yield

Fairington Apartments
Colordarcy Special Discount
$59,000 / £38,000
$49,900 / £31,000
Beds/Baths Three/Two
Monthly Income
Rent $850
Monthly Running Costs
Management $68
Estimated Council Tax $92
Community Fees $125
Insurance $13
Cash In Your Pocket $552
Net Rental Yield 13%

Atlanta Tenanted Townhouses and Villas – Paying a GUARANTEED 13% NET Yield

River Station Townhouses
Colordarcy Special Discount
$67,900 / £42,000
$62,900 / £39,000
Beds/Baths Three/Two
Monthly Income
Rent $900
Monthly Running Costs
Management $54
Estimated Council Tax $92
Community Fees $39
Insurance $13
Cash In Your Pocket $702
Net Rental Yield 13%

Grab Hold Of Your Future

Whatever you dream today and put into action, becomes your future. The window of opportunity does not wait for any man; the time to take action – is today.

So, imagine investing in a tenanted apartment that GUARANTEES to put cash into your pocket.

Imagine not having to worry about managing your investment and receiving a FREE insurance policy to cover the breakdown of any appliance if this was to occur.

Imagine investing in a fully renovated property and paying only $49,900 / £31,000 to secure this outstanding opportunity – SAVING YOU $10,000 off today’s open market price.

Imagine attacking ‘The Silent Killer’ from two angles by investing in our Atlanta Tenanted Opportunities that puts cash into your pocket from day one. PLUS, don’t forget the potential ‘BIG BONUS’ from capital growth over the medium to long term.

Our last Atlanta Tenanted opportunity SOLD OUT in 7 days. To avoid disappointment and to give yourself the best chance of securing the best units, you will need to be quick.

Don’t Miss Out on this exclusive offer, please Call: +44 (0) 207 100 2393 or Email us Today for more details and to receive your FREE “Atlanta Tenanted Apartments Brochure.”

Kind regards

Loxley McKenzie

Managing Director

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