Time Is Of The Essence

I didn’t realise just how much of my time I was committing when signing up to this event. Let’s do the math.

  • A guestimate of 60 hours walking so far (that is over quite a few months before you say anything!!)
  • 15 hours on other exercise routines (jogging and indoor floor work) to improve general fitness and strength
  • 3  hours of walking around Go Outdoors, a retail outlet that supplies all the endless accessories we apparently need.
  • 10 hours easily spent planning and attending our fundraiser Curry & Comedy night
  • 1 hour on face book talking to the team and planning walks/and even making plans to plan
  • 4.5 hours travelling to and from the start and finish

That’s 93.5 hours and multiply by 4 and as a team we will have spent 374 hours..and that’s not even including the actual event!

…It makes the 30hours we will spend walking seem almost insignificant in length when you add it all up!! (I said almost for a reason!)

Even still, I don’t consider a minute of this as wasted. Even before the event has taken place there have been many experiences, a lot of laughs, a number of learning opportunities and achievements that have come from doing this good deed. And going by the feedback we have plenty more of these to come on 17th&18th July!

Rachel James

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