Tired Of Waiting For The Bottom? News Is Florida Property Has Already Hit It

I revealed some time back that the Florida property market was at a turning point, nobody believed me at the time, however over in the US even the most cautious investors accept that prices are on the rise.

I may be a bit biased when it comes to talking about property in Florida. This is because there is just so much potential out there for investors to take advantage of a market that is now well on the road to recovery.

Investors are, even as I am writing this, moving in to snap up property while prices remain low. This is hitting stock levels which were supposed to be holding back any prices rises for years to come. This simply hasn’t happened and in fact the opposite is now true.

Foreign investors are buying up property so that they can rent it out to those US citizens unable to get a mortgage.

From property in Fort Lauderdale to Miami I have investor friends who are expecting some high returns as we continue to see the situation improve in the state. One of them has two buy-to-let properties in Fort Lauderdale and she has rented them out consistently for five years.

She advises to look at zones where locals want to buy or rent, so good areas are a must for any investor who wants to gain positive cash flow in the shortest possible time and enjoy the capital growth we should see in the coming years.

There is ample evidence to support my friends claim as the Miami Herald reported this month, the average prices of a downtown Miami Condo rose 9.1% to $404,927 from $371,205 a year earlier.

On top of this, investors could be tapping into average rents that are climbing 4.4% annually according to the latest data. Discounts for rental apartments in Miami are also at historic lows according to the same article.

There is also evidence that the builders are once again moving into the city to help satisfy the rising demand for property. There are not too many places in the world where we see this happening right now.

Are there any property markets that offer a better combination of capital growth and strong rental yields in the world than Florida? Please leave your comments below:

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Loxley McKenzie

Managing Director