Turkey Property Investment to Increase as US Increase Investments

The US is interested in investing in Turkey’s pharmaceutical and insurance businesses to the tune of $2 billion, but needs the Turkish government to make regulations more transparent so that it’s easier for investors to begin doing business. They also want the Turkish government to address licensing concerns and to do more to protect intellectual property rights.

Because of Turkey’s rapidly growing population, rising affluence and growing mortgage market, property is attracting a growing proportion of new investment into Turkey, and it is expected that increasing US investment in Turkey would spur growth in American investments in the Turkey property market as well.

The US Assistant Secretary of State José Fernandez has told business groups of his country’s interest in helping the Turkish economy to expand, and of his wish to see US pension funds operating in Turkey.

At the moment just 2 million of the Turkish population has a private pension plan and the country as a whole spends just 1% of GDP on insurance products which is very low when compared with the 7% average in developed nations so the investment potential here is huge.

US drug companies are also interested in investment in Turkey but at the moment are deterred by inconsistent and unclear regulations. There are already 1000 US companies trading in Turkey, and trade between the two countries increased by 25% last year with much of this increase due to US exports.

Turkey is currently increasing strategic ties to many countries as the rest of the developed world becomes progressively more aware of the investment potential in many sectors.