UK Prime Minister’s Notting Hill House Makes More Money Than He Does

According to The Guardian, the tax return revealed that in the tax year 2014/15, he had a total taxable income of £200,000 or thereabouts. He made £141,000 of this through his salary as Prime Minister.

In addition to this, he has been renting out his Notting Hill property since moving to Downing Street, and in the past year that brought in an eye-watering £47,000. This movers in USA is a half share of the total rental income from the property. It means that the property has made £94,000 in rental income alone.

It looks on the face of it that a Prime Minister could just about be worth as much as his house. However, that overlooks the increase in the value of the property in that time. The average price of a semi-detached house in Notting Hill in May 2010 was £2.3 million. By April 2015 this was £3.6 million. This means the value is up £1.3 million in five years – or £260,000 a year.

Cameron’s house, therefore, has earned £350,000 a year. Even if you were to divide that into two – to account for his share of the property – it still made far more than he did in a year.