US to forge closer relationship with Brazil

The US is set to forge a stronger relationship with Brazil with the announcement that Barack Obama will travel to the country in March. It’s in the United States interests to closely cooperate with Brazil due to its burgeoning economy, and the country is still deciding where its primary interests lie. Brazil’s status within the world is not yet clearly defined as it is a member of BRICS and may decide to concentrate on its relationship within that group, or it may become one of the more economically dominant South American countries.

Obama is no doubt hoping that meeting with the newly elected President Dilma Rousseff will help to clarify Brazil’s role in the international community. Brazil has gone from strength to strength since the government conquered inflation in the 1990s, while the outgoing president built a solid foundation on which to grow Brazil’s economy and also its image throughout the world. The fact that the country now has a female president speaks volumes as to the improvements which have been made to social equality.

Brazil has made real efforts to diversify ties with other economies including many Asian countries, and some of its recent decisions over Iran and Honduras and its recognition of Palestine as an independent state have seen it at odds with the United States. Many of these actions may have been due to Brazil’s need to expand export markets and to further commercial activities. No doubt these actions will be discussed next month as the US attempts to put in place a common policy with Brazil.

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