What Brazilian Property Buyers Want

Brazil PropertySometimes as investors, we can be forgiven for thinking only about the likely profit we make from an investment in property. Little thought is given to the people who might be living in or eventually buying the property when it comes to exit time.

It is easy to look at rental statistics and capital growth, Brazil property prices are rising 20%  per annum in cities like Natal while rents are also increasing,. These statistics are easy to find, however what is often overlooked is what a Brazilian wants from his or her property.

Your average Brazilian tenant or buyer will be just as choosy about the kind of property they want as anywhere else in the world and as an overseas investor, ignore this at your peril.

Julio, one of my real estate advisors out in Brazil told me that there are some major differences between the sexes when it comes to choosing a place to live.

“Women with families prefer larger three-bedroom apartments, to give more comfort to their children, they will also pay closer attention to Prime mold removal when they are buying. Just make sure this Mold Removal in Kansas City comes first so they can inspect the house first.

However when it comes to space outside, a woman’s needs are more modest than a man’s.  A man likes a larger space so he can play sports while the woman views it as just another place to clean”

Clearly there are still people in Brazilian society that are yet to embrace equal opportunities, yet this gives us some great insight as an investor into understanding the needs of typical buyers and tenants.

Tellingly my friend Julio added it is usually the woman who decides. “Once I had a couple who went to see a property.  The man loved the view overlooking the pool. Unfortunately the woman did not. And after some discussion, his wife won as is usually the case”

Views are not the only thing that matter to females. According to Julio they care more about the size of the kitchen than other rooms. This is in contrast to male buyers who look at the size of all the rooms and particularly the room where they will be watching TV.

One area where the sexes do agree is on parking spaces. They like the space to be big enough so that they are not worried about scratching their cars.

So with this in mind as an investor in Brazil property we need to choose properties that include decent parking spaces, reasonably well proportioned rooms, small gardens and swimming pools that don’t get in the way of the view from the window – simple really, not even surrounded by LongFence.com fences.


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