Why Do Brazilians Invest In Miami Property And Not At Home?

Brazilian Property Investors MiamiYou’re about to plan your annual holiday.

You flick through the brochures looking for somewhere hot where you can relax, spend some money and have a bit of fun.

As you turn the pages of the destinations in your travel brochure you like the look of this one resort in particular.

It offers a lot of the comforts of home.

Many of the restaurants are run by people from your own country. While you love to get away to somewhere new, you still like to have a little that reminds you of home.

Maybe it’s just having someone there speaking your language so you don’t need to reach for the dictionary.

This resort you’re looking at is just an 8.5 hour flight away and it’s direct with no stops.

You can visit the shops and buy yourself some designer clothes, and while you’re out there maybe a designer watch as well – why not when these things are so much cheaper to buy than back home.

You decide to go ahead and book the trip. You have plenty of choice too. 52 flights a week are heading towards your destination.

When you get there you have such a great time and enjoy such a friendly welcome, you don’t want to leave.

The beaches are fantastic and the nightlife – you were spoilt for choice with so many bars and places of entertainment. You were never stuck for something to do.

You liked this city and its holiday atmosphere so much that you decided to look at investing in a second home.

The neighbours will be so impressed when they hear about you buying a home in a country they also like to visit every year for their holiday .

You find the second home you are looking for at a price that is a lot less than it was valued at in 2007. Less than $100,000 in fact.

This is why more and more middle class Brazilians are investing in Miami property. In fact Brazilians consistently rank in the top three places when it comes to investing in Miami real estate.

Why do you think Brazilians flock to Miami? Please leave your thoughts below:

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Loxley McKenzie
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