Will Brazil Property Dr. Geraldo Furtado Create History?

I would like to start this week’s Dr. Geraldo Furtado newsletter by thanking all our VIP Members who quickly reserved their units after last week’s launch of this outstanding development.

I have always believed that our VIP Members are some of the most well informed investors in the world and moments like these, confirm my belief. 

Within 1 week of releasing these luxury apartments in the exclusive Petropolis area of Natal, Brazil, 50% of the units are now SOLD.

When you consider that this project is still in the pre-launch stage, there is a strong possibility that Dr, Geraldo Furtado will make Colordarcy history; by becoming the first ever development that we have represented that has SOLD OUT before its official launch.

I bet the developers are now kicking themselves for pricing the development so low!

So Why Is The Dr. Geraldo Furtado Project So Special?

Just imagine purchasing a property in Notting Hill, Manhattan, Hong Kong, Madrid or Milan and you will start to get the picture of the type of location you will be purchasing your Brazil property.

Imagine not having to worry about managing your property and benefiting from a 6% Rental Guarantee for 4 years; effectively purchasing a hassle free property that pays for itself.

Brazil’s fast growing middle class professionals enjoy living in such a vibrant location and some will start out renting and some will purchase, so investors will have a robust exit strategy when they decide to sell their property.

It gets even better, because with this NEW PRE-LAUNCH OFFER, you will be purchasing a property in the outstanding DR. GERALDO FURTADO development for 20% below comparable market value.

Have You Read Gavin’s Story?

To get more information about the outstanding Dr. Geraldo Furtado, click here to read Gavin’s Story; A Little Mistake That Cost A Brazil Property Investor £20,000

Do not miss out on this HOT SELLER; for more information and to receive the latest “DR. GERALDO FURTADO BROCHURE”, Please Call: +44 (0) 207 100 2393 or Email: [email protected] Today.

6% Rental Guarantee

If a client takes up the 6% four-year rental guarantee option, the client will only be responsible to pay the IPTU Tax (Council Tax). Using current tax rates, this will be approximately 400 – 500 Brazilian Reais (£183) per year. 

All other running cost such as electric, Water, Service Charge, Rental Management and Maintenance will be the developer’s responsibility over the 4-year rental guarantee period.

You may ask, why is the developer paying for the majority of the associated running cost?

In a nutshell, the developer will be renting the property out and is likely to make approximately 10% to 12% gross rental return per annum. Therefore, there is a lot of profit available for the developer to use to cover running costs (clients can opt out of the rental guarantee program and rent their property on the open market).

For the additional security of a guarantee, clients are essentially giving up some of the income that is likely to be generated from the investment.

On top of this, with a Rental Guarantee in place, the developer will sell out at Dr. Geraldo Furtado a lot faster – which is exactly what is happening today (giving him better cash flow to construct).

After all, what savvy investor would not be prepared to purchase property in one of the world’s fastest growing emerging market that pays for itself and is hassle free to manage?


Property prices typically increase during the construction stage. Our experience of similar developments growth rate in Brazil has shown that 10% capital appreciation per annum is achievable.

Given that, Dr. Geraldo Furtado is already 20% below market value. We would estimate a 50% return on investment during the construction stages. Please Call: + (44) 207 100 2393 or Email: [email protected] to request a copy of the “Comparable Report”.

Therefore, if you were to purchase a £60,000 unit today, you would potentially be able to sell this property in 2013 for £90,000, MAKING YOU A PROFIT OF £30,000.

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup quickly approaching, we would expect a further boost to prices. The opening of South America’s largest airport in Natal, will also serve as a positive effect on growth rates.

The Future is Bright; The Future is Brazil

As you know, Brazil is one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world. Super investors like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Sam Zell have spotted the opportunity and are making significant investment in this dynamic country.

It is now your turn to take advantage of what is proving to be a lucrative property market. Brazil property prices are growing strongly and within a few years time you will be paying twice as much as you would pay today.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Will Dr. Geraldo Furtado create history and become the first project that we have represented to be SOLD OUT before official launch?

It certainly looks that way, I have no doubt that the prime sea view 2 Bed and 3 bed units will be all gone within the next 10 days.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity; it has taken us 4 years to find such great offer in the most luxurious postcode in Natal, Brazil. There are not many development sites available to build on in this exclusive location; therefore, it may take another 4 years to find another opportunity of the same magnitude. Are you prepared to wait that long?

Do Not Miss Out, Please call: +44 (0) 207 100 2393 or Email: [email protected] for more information and to receive the latest “DR. GERALDO FURTADO BROCHURE”,

You have a great day.

Loxley McKenzie

Managing Director

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