What Will You Be Regretting This Time Next Year?

You can find yourself making choices every day. Most of the choices you make are for a reason. You need to do something or make a change. 

Some choices are forced on you. You need to make money to support yourself and your family so you choose to go to work.

At this time of year it is usual to make different kinds of choices. The kind of choices that are more about wanting something than needing it.

You might want to exercise to lose the weight you put on during the holidays and become healthier. You don’t need to exercise but you do it because you think you should. These kinds of choices harder to make and stick to.  

In most cases you don’t need exercise to survive.

Yet this is the time of the year when everyone seems to want to train for a marathon.

Then there are those of us who put things off because exercise is hard and you don’t need to do it. You can always find a reason not to do something. Faced with a choice it is easier to choose the easy way than the hard way.

Exercise is hard – Investing in property is hard. You don’t need to do either and you can always find an excuse why you shouldn’t or put it off for a time when you feel comfortable enough to have a go.

So you tell yourself the economy isn’t right, there’s not enough money or you’re too young or too old. You can’t take the risk.

So what happens? You end up sitting there next year wondering what you could have done last year, while everyone else is having all the fun.

Then it becomes a need unfulfilled.

Are you making excuses this year?

Kind regards

Brett Tudor
Property Expert


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